Our scars protect us. Without beauty we are worthless to the Queen. It's a sacrifice we made so we could raise our children in peace while their fathers are at war. And you, your sacrifice will come.
— Anna to Snow White

Anna is a supporting character in Snow White and the Huntsman. She is a resident of a small fishing village in Tabor, who assists Snow White and Eric. She is portrayed by Rachael Stirling.

History Edit

Anna lives in a fishing village in Tabor. She was married and has a young daughter named Lily. Anna's husband presumably left with the other men to fight in Duke Hammond's army after Ravenna usurped the throne. Due to Queen Ravenna abducting beautiful girls and women to absorb their youth, Anna and the other women in the village scarred their faces and those of their daughters, so that the queen would leave them be. It's possible that Anna had seen Snow White before Ravenna's reign, or knew what she looked like, due to recognising her.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

When Snow White and Eric emerge from the Dark Forest, they encounter Anna, who is suspicious at first, stating that "only demons or spirits emerge from the Dark Forest". When Eric and Snow White assure her they are merely fugitives from Ravenna and mean her no harm, Anna allows them to stay in the village. She recognises Snow White as the princess of the land and informs Eric of this when she realises he doesn't understand her importance. Anna allows Snow White to rest in her home. She explains to Snow White why the women of the village scar their faces, saying it's a small price to pay to escape Ravenna. She also warns Snow White that she too will have to make sacrifices. When Finn and his men attack her village in search of the princess, Anna leads her daughter and the villagers to their boats to flee. She insists Snow White run and save herself, despite the princess wanting to stay and help. Anna survives the assault on the village and is later seen at the castle, attending Snow White's coronation.

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