Into Battle-0
Assault Against Ravenna's Castle
Vital statistics
Participants Rebellion

Snow White
Knights of Tambor

Dark Army
Queen Ravenna
The Dark Army

Date TBA
Location Ravenna's Castle Courtyard and her castle

After Snow White was found to be alive she led an assault on the queen's castle to take back what her father originally owned.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

Once Snow White gathers everyone together, she leads a charge on horseback to the castle. This results in the death of a few soldiers by flaming catapults. Meanwhile, the Dwarves slip through the castle walls, and open the gate, letting the soldiers in. However, in the time it took for the Dwarves to do that many soldiers died from the black glass and arrows spewing down from the castle walls. However, on getting into the castle, the soldiers were given a fair fight, and a battle commenced. Snow White disabled a few soldiers before charging up to the Queen's room. Eric the Huntsman, William, and a handful of other soldiers followed. As Snow White battled the Queen, glass monsters rained down upon the soldiers, killing many. The ones that survived were struck down brutally by the monsters taking form. Some were rubbed into pillars, others were slung across the room, and three were cut down in a few seconds. Snow White eventually managed to gain the upper hand against the Queen. As Snow White stabbed her, the one glass monster fighting the Huntsman broke into many pieces onto the floor. However, the damage had already been done, with all the soldiers, except Eric the Huntsman, William, and possibly one soldier, killed, dying brutal deaths. The Queen turned older and older before she died, gasping for breath, until she breathed her last.

Result Edit

The battle outside had presumably been one as well, and the castle was restored to its rightful owners. The soldiers who survived stood guard at Snow White's Inaugural Ceremony, and some played music. The kingdom remained peaceful, with the exception of some soldiers' deaths once in a while.