Duke Hammond is a supporting character in Snow White and the Huntsman. He is a nobleman of Tabor and the father of William, who leads a rebellion against Ravenna after she usurps the throne. He is portrayed by Vincent Regan.

History Edit

Not much is known about Duke Hammond's past, but he was a member of King Magnus' court and was his close friend and advisor. His son, William, was close friends with Magnus' daughter, Snow White.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

When Magnus is killed by his new wife Ravenna and she becomes queen, Hammond, his son, William and his loyal followers are able to escape to his castle in further lands, where magical creatures live, and plan to defeat Ravenna. He raises an army to rebel against Ravenna, fighting in Magnus' name. However, his rebellion is initially not very successful, as Hammond believed Magnus' heir Snow White to have been killed and was reluctant to engage in outright war with Ravenna, fearing it would lead to all their deaths due to the Evil Queen's sorcery. He is surprised when he learns the Princess still lives, with Snow White attempting to reach Hammond's castle for much of the film. When William, Eric and the dwarves return Snow White's body to the castle after she is poisoned by Ravenna, William tries to argue that they should fight back. Hammond still refuses, until, to his amazement, Snow White is restored to life. Snow White gives a stirring speech, saying they must defeat Ravenna to end the violence and death and that she will lead them. Hammond is inspired by this to finally lead his troops in an assault against Ravenna's castle. The battle ultimately proves victorious, with Ravenna being killed and Snow White being crowned queen. Hammond presumably returns either to his castle or to court to act as Snow White's advisor, as he had done for her father years before. He later becomes Snow White's father-in-law after she marries his son.

Personality Edit

Duke Hammond was a brave and noble man, who was very loyal to King Magnus even after his death, and by extension, Magnus' daughter Snow White. He also dearly loved his son William. Hammond defied Ravenna after she usurped the throne and attempted to overthrow her, but he was reluctant to directly oppose her due to his fear of her magic. Hammond was cautious and compassionate, deeply concerned for his men's lives and well-being, but his hesitation and cynicism were detrimental to his goals of liberating Tabor. Fortunately, Snow White was able to restore Hammond's hope of defeating Ravenna and he valiantly lead his men into battle against the evil queen.

Relationships Edit

William Edit

Hammond appeared to be close to his son, although their relationship became strained due to William believing they shouldn't have 'abandoned' Snow white and Hammond's reluctance to attack Ravenna outright. Hammond tried to dissuade his son from going to find Snow White, out of concern for his safety. He was eventually convinced by William and Snow White to lead his army to Ravenna's castle; it can be assumed that Hammond was reconciled with William after this.

Magnus Edit

Hammond was good friends with the king, giving him advice and also fighting alongside him against the Dark Fay. Hammond's' loyalty and respect for his friend was such that even after his death, Hammond continued to fight in Magnus' name.

Snow White Edit

Not much is known of Hammond's relationship with Snow White, but he seemed fond of her, given that she was the daughter of his friend and was best friend's with his son. Hammond attempted to rescue Snow White during Ravenna's take-over, but after she was captured, he reluctantly left her behind, there being nothing he could do. Hammond believed Snow White to be dead and was shocked when he learned she alive. Despite this, Hammond was reluctant to let William go in search of her, fearing for his son's safety. Hammond seemed grieved when William returned with Snow White's body, but still refused to move against Ravenna. When Snow White was restored to life, Hammond was stunned. He expressed concern for her, suggesting she should rest. Snow White's plea for his men to join her in the fight against Ravenna inspired Hammond to lead his men into battle, Hammond loyally fighting for Snow White as he had done for her father.