Fairies are a sentient species who play a significant role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Fairies are benevolent, magical creatures who live in the Sanctuary and aid Princess Snow White in escaping and ultimately defeating Ravenna.

Physical appearance Edit

Fairies are tiny compared to humans (smaller than magpies), with slender, humanoid figures. They have white skin with striped markings and their facial features are similar to that of humans, but with proportionately larger eyes. They have tufts of white hair on their heads and long, pointed ears. When they fly, a golden shimmer covers them.

Behaviour and society Edit

Fairies appear to have human-like intelligence with the same range of emotions, though they appear to communicate primarily through gesture and body language. It is unknown if they have a spoken language. They live in the Sanctuary, though they have been known to venture beyond there. They are implied to have knowledge of magic and the White Hart and seem to be largely friendly, benevolent creatures, coming to assist Snow White and also recognising her great importance in defeating Ravenna and liberating Tabor. Although they are capable of flight themselves, they can tame birds and use them for transportation over long distances.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Flight: Fairies can fly over short distances by turning into a golden 'cloud'.
  • Knowledge of magic: The fairies seem to understand Snow White's ability, as the 'Fairest of Them All', to defeat Ravenna and guide her to the White Hart, whom they seem to be associated with.
  • Control over animals: Fairies can tame birds and use them for transportation; it's also possible they found the horse and got it to wait for Snow White outside the castle to aid in her escape.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

Two fairies, riding magpies, come to Snow White whilst she is imprisoned in the tower and show her a rusty nail sticking from the side of the wall outside her window. Snow White is able to pull the nail out and later uses it to slash Finn across his face, escaping from her cell. In the castle courtyard, the fairies show Snow White the entrance to the sewer, through which she is able to escape the castle by jumping into the sea. After making it to land, the fairies lead the princess to a waiting horse (which they may have found and commanded to wait for her). The fairies leave Snow White after she enters the Dark Forest, but later return when she reaches the Sanctuary, revealing their true identities to her and smiling at her. The fairies lead Snow White to the White Hart and watch excitedly as the Hart bows to her, thus signalling that she is the one destined to defeat Ravenna and save the kingdom. However, when Finn and his soldiers attack Snow White in the Sanctuary, the fairies flee in terror. Presumably, they return to the Sanctuary after Ravenna's defeat, though a magpie is seen perched near Snow White at her coronation, implying the fairies may have been in attendance.