Greta is one of Ravenna's victims in Snow White and the Huntsman. She is portrayed by Lily Cole.

History Edit

Greta appeared to be around the same age as Snow White (late teens). She lived in a village in Tabor and was alive during Ravenna's usurpation of the throne.

Snow White and the HuntsmanEdit

Greta's village was attacked by Ravenna's soldiers, with the aim of abducting the most beautiful girls and women so that Ravenna could absorb their life force. Greta attempted to escape and flee to Duke Hammond's castle, knowing he would shelter her, but was captured. She was brought to the castle and locked in the tower, in the cell opposite to Snow White. Greta reveals her name to Snow White when she asks and explains how she got there. When Snow White asks her about Duke Hammond and if he "still fights in my father's name", Greta, to her surprise, realises Snow White is the princess, saying they were told that everyone in the castle, including Snow White, was killed ten years ago. Snow White asks her if William, the Duke's son, is still alive, but Greta says she doesn't know. She then fearfully asks what the queen wants with her. Snow White does not reply, but seems pitying.

Ravenna steals Greta's beauty.

Sometime later, Finn brings Greta to Ravenna. The queen uses magic to drain Greta's youth, causing her to age several decades, whilst Ravenna's own youth and beauty is temporarily restored. Weakened but still alive, Greta is dragged back to her cell. Concerned, Snow White tries to talk to her, but Greta doesn't reply, presumably from weakness. After Snow White manages to escape her cell, she tries to unlock Greta's cell, intending to help her escape. However, Greta appears at the cell window, revealing how old she has become and tearfully begs Snow White to flee, knowing she will be too frail to keep up. Snow White reluctantly leaves Greta behind. After Ravenna's death, Greta's youth is restored and she is briefly seen attending Snow White's coronation at the end of the film.

Trivia Edit

  • In the book Greta's name is changed to Rose.

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