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You’re hot, but I could kill you if I wanted to. I won’t. But I could
— Sara to the Huntsman

Sara is the love interest and wife of Eric the Huntsman and a warrior in Freya the Ice Queen's army. She was believed to be dead by her husband Eric in Snow White and the Huntsman, but is revealed to be alive in the prequel/sequel, The Huntsman: Winter's War, serving as the film's deuteragonist. Sara is portrayed by Jessica Chastain.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

Sara is only mentioned in this film. Eric believes Sara to be dead and is shown to be deeply affected by this (it's implied his cynicism and tendency towards to drown his sorrows in alcohol were caused by his loss of Sara). Ravenna had at some point learned about Sara and promised Eric she would use her magic to resurrect her, if Eric helped her recapture Snow White from the Dark Forest. Eric agreed to this, but upon finding Snow White, he became suspicious and demanded that Ravenna uphold her end of the bargain first. Ravenna's brother Finn admitted that Ravenna had lied and did not possess the power to bring back the dead, prompting an enraged Eric to turn on Ravenna and help Snow White to escape.

Later, in the Sanctuary, Finn taunts Eric over Sara's death, saying she screamed his name before she died. Eric overpowers and kills Finn because of this, exacting small justice for Sara. Later, when Snow White is poisoned by Ravenna, Eric grieves over her seemingly dead body and tells her that she reminds him of Sara, as they were both good-hearted and brave, which is partly why he protected her.

The Huntsman: Winter's War Edit

It is revealed in this film that Sara was trained as a Huntsman from a young age, where she befriended Eric. As adults, despite their queen, Freya forbidding love as weakness, Eric and Sara fall in love. They 'marry' each other in a cave and consummate their relationship, intending to run away together. Unfortunately, Freya reveals she has discovered their relationship. Believing they will be killed, the couple flees, but Freya traps Sara on the opposite side of a wall of ice. She uses her magic to conjure an illusion that shows Eric abandoning Sara, breaking her heart, whilst Eric is shown Sara's death at the hands of the other Huntsmen, thus explaining why he believed her to be dead for years.


Sara alive.

Sara remains in Freya's army, serving as her warrior. She is reunited with Eric years later, after rescuing him from a trap laid by the Huntsmen.

She feels betrayed by Eric, until he explains that they were tricked with magic and that he still loves her. Sara reconciles with Eric and agrees to help him stop Freya. However, it is revealed that she is still loyal to Freya and betrays Eric and dwarves to her, using Eric to lead her straight to the Magic Mirror, which Freya has been seeking. In spite of her treachery, Sara seems remorseful and conflicted, due to her love for Eric. When Freya orders her to kill Eric, she deliberately aims her arrow at the pendant Eric wears - which she gave to him - allowing him to fake his death.

Later, Sara listens to Freya's speech with her comrades. When Eric's attempt to kill Freya is foiled by the recently resurrected Ravenna, Sara openly turns on Freya, attempting to strike either her or Ravenna down to protect Eric, only to be stopped by Freya's ice magic. Sara is then seized by two Huntsmen. When a seemingly horrified Freya asks why Sara betrayed her, she says nothing but glances desperately at Eric, who has also been captured. Ravenna comments that its because they're in love and that they "reek of it" before reminding Freya of her laws. Freya sentences Sara and Eric to death, though she seems reluctant. However, Eric is able to appeal to the Huntsmen, convincing them to turn on Freya and Ravenna and free themselves. When this succeeds, Sara joins the battle. She later accompanies Eric to try and stop Ravenna, this time joined by Freya, who has turned against her sister after learning that Ravenna had been responsible for her daughter's death. Sara is nearly killed by Ravenna, but Freya, despite being mortally wounded, is able to freeze the Magic Mirror, weakening Ravenna and Eric throws his axe at the Mirror, shattering it and seemingly killing Ravenna for good. Sara and Eric stand together after the battle is over, with a dying Freya saying they are "lucky" to have been reunited before passing away. Sara and Eric then kiss, whilst the huntsmen and kingdom's inhabitants celebrate.

Personality Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sara is tall and well-built, having long red hair with strands braided down on the sides, light blue eyes, and fair skin. Her usual outfit is a combination of leather and armor, and she was usually shown to be armed with two curved swords, and carry a bow and a quiver of arrows. Even Ravenna considered her to be pretty.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Having been trained in the art of war since childhood, Sara is a formidable fighter and skilled in combat with a range of weapons. She is so good at these things that she can even go up against Eric. Her primary weapon are two curved swords, and she is noted to be especially talented at shooting with a bow and arrow, claiming that she "Never misses", which, from we see of her shooting skills, may well be correct. Sara is also quite strong and agile, with good reflexes.

Relationships Edit

Eric Edit

Eric The Huntsman

Eric, Sara's husband

Eric and Sara first met as children. They trained alongside each other and became good friends. As adults, Sara fell deeply in love with Eric, defying Freya's laws against love to be with him. The pair 'married' each other in a private ceremony and Sara planned to leave behind the only life she'd known to start a new one with her husband. Unfortunately, the pair were forcibly separated by Freya, who tricked Sara into believing Eric had abandoned her. Sara was heartbroken by this, feeling betrayed by Eric. When they met again years later, Sara was still angry with Eric and, out of loyalty to Freya, was willing to betray him to her.

However, upon learning that Eric did not abandon her and actually believed her to be dead, Sara's anger began to dissipate and her strong feelings for him returned (her love for Eric having never really gone away). Despite this, Sara still betrayed Eric to Freya, but by this point she seemed extremely conflicted about it, to the point where she actually faked Eric's death rather than kill him, as she could not bring herself to go through with it. When Eric's assaination attempt failed, Sara herself tried to kill either Freya or Ravenna and seemed distressed when Eric was captured. She fought alongside him in the battle against Ravenna and, after Ravenna's defeat, she finally reconciled with Eric properly, happy that they could now be together openly. According to Eric, Sara brings out the best in him, which may be true, as Eric seems more lighthearted around Sara and her around him.

Freya Edit

Sara was practically raised by Freya and respected her as her queen. However, Sara's love for her future husband Eric proved stronger than her loyalty to Freya - she defied her laws to be with him. After believing Eric to have abandoned her, Sara became more loyal to Freya, hardening herself as Freya wanted and replacing Eric as Freya's favourite Huntsman. Freya placed a great deal of trust in Sara and was proud of her achievements. However, it is unclear how much of Sara's loyalty to Freya was of her own accord and how much of it was brainwashing. Even after discovering Eric still loved her and had not betrayed her, Sara was so dedicated to Freya that she was willing to betray the man she loved to help Freya, although she clearly felt increasingly confused and guilty about the situation. Eventually, Sara's love for Eric once again proved to be powerful than Freya's hold over her, with Sara defying Freya and outright rebelling against her. However, Sara seemed grateful and even sympathetic towards Freya after she gave her own life to stop Ravenna and protect the Huntsmen, showing she still had some respect for her.


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