The Evil Queen will return, and I need the New Golden Mirror. Seek it! Now!
— Snow White to the Lord of Gold, seeking the Golden Mirror

The New Golden Mirror is a copy of the Old Mirror that keeps a man in charge of building Ravenna again. It's found in the Imperial Castle. Snow White discovered it before Ravenna's Fall in Freya's Old Kingdom. The Imperial Forces have been seeking this mirror for a thousand years. Although the Golden Empire does not seek things made of silver or gold, Snow White needs all this gold to rebuild Ravenna.

The New Golden Mirror
Vital statistics
Type Copy of the Old Mirror
Level Unknown
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Story Edit

With the mirror at her commands, Ravenna was invincible
— Personal description of the Old Mirror

There was another Golden Mirror. This one was commanded by Ravenna and Freya (before she died). When Ravenna died and the evil in Tabor fell, the Mirror passed to Snow White, but she was too sick as she couldn't stop looking at the Mirror. When Sara killed Eric and betrayed the group, Ravenna was summoned out because Freya had the mirror in the moment.

I thought I drove the weakness out of you. I thought I made you strong, but you are as pathetic as you ever were. You have lost your mind.
— Ravenna to Freya, fighting about who was obeying the mirror's laws.

After Eric's Infiltration in Freya's Kingdom, the Ice Queen's Huntsmen were killed by Ravenna. Freya, to stop her, made an Ice Wall. Then, they fought about who was bound to the mirror and Freya discovered the truth: Ravenna enchanted the Duke to kill Freya's Daughter.

Ravenna, after being weak for a long time during her old age, retrieved all her power and killed Freya. Snow White fled from the Mirror when she saw it was about to break.

The New Golden Mirror's Rise Edit

Now I will make Ravenna's Spirit comes back.
— Snow White, after killing Doreena in Calcurnia

Snow White sought the New Golden Mirror for a long time. The Imperial Forces thought it was made of silver and they did not seek it, so Snow White looked for it herself. She summoned Ravenna after killing the poor dwarf of Doreena in the Battle of Calcurnia.

Please, don't stab it! Please, no! Don't stab the heart!
— Ravenna, afraid to die if Eric stabs Doreena's Heart

After the beginning of Ravenna's Third Life, the only way to kill her is to stab Doreena's Heart, which was taken by Snow White to summon Ravenna out of the New Golden Mirror. Eric, after the Imperial Castle Battle, stabs the heart and kills Ravenna. The Old Evil Queen is dead for the third time.