The North refers to lands ruled by Queen Freya and is the primary setting of The Huntsman: Winter's War.

Geography Edit

The North, as it's name suggests, lies in the north of the continent. The kingdom of Tabor, in addition to many other kingdoms, are south of the North. Due to its location, the North has quite a cold climate, filled with fir forests and mountains. It often experiences frost or snow (though this may also be due to the influence of Freya's ice powers). The North also has caves and natural hot springs.

Society and Culture Edit

Not much is known about the North's culture. Since Freya came to the North and founded her own kingdom, she has been known to raid villages and settlements to abduct children and bring them into her personal army, the Huntsmen. Freya rules over the North as the 'Frozen Queen'. She resides in an impressive castle in the mountains that appears to be constructed almost entirely from ice; it is not known if Freya constructed this castle herself with her powers, or if she had assistance. Part of the castle is made from stone and wood, with designs resembling those of Ancient Nordic buildings and architecture, suggesting that Viking culture may have been an inspiration for the North. It is not known if the North had any other ruling body prior to Freya's take-over, or if the North was considered one land, or several different territories. People from the North seem to have distinctive accents, similar to the real world Scottish accent. People in the North have a concept of marriage, though it is possibly more relaxed and informal in its customs compared to marriage in southern kingdoms, such as Tabor. All Eric and Sara required to consider themselves married was to declare each other husband and wife and then consummate the union, without the need for witnesses, a officiator or any kind of formal ceremony (though it's possible that, given the situation and the nature of Eric and Sara's relationship, that they were more constrained in what they could do and that there are more formal marriage traditions in the North).

Notable Locations Edit

  • Ice castle
  • Hot springs

Notable Citizens Edit

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