White stag

The White Hart is a mystical forest entity that takes the form of large, white stag. It appears to dwell in the Sanctuary on the edge of the Dark Forest. The White Hart appears to Princess Snow White, signifying her as the one destined to save Tabor from the darkness of Ravenna.

Physical appearance Edit

The White Hart takes the form of a large stag, with white fur and very long, antlers that resemble birch branches. It has a dark-coloured nose and dark eyes.

History Edit

The White Hart is a legendary and benevolent entity said to dwell in the Sanctuary. According to legend, the Hart will only appear to the one destined to heal the land and defeat the darkness and will show its blessing by bowing. No one has ever actually seen the White Hart, although the dwarves have heard the story and pass it down.

Snow White and the Huntsman Edit

When Snow White arrives in the Sanctuary, she is woken by two fairies, who gesture for her to follow them further into the Sanctuary. The White Hart is waiting for Snow White, who is said to be the 'Fairest of Them All'. Eric and the dwarves follow and watch in amazement as Snow White approaches the Hart, which bows to her. The dwarves recall the legend of the Hart and when a confused Eric asks what is happening, Muir declares that the Hart has blessed Snow White - she is the one prophesied to save the land and lead them to a new beginning. Suddenly, Finn and his soldiers attack, shooting the Hart in the neck with an arrow. The Hart rears in pain and transforms into a flock of white butterflies and vanishes. It is unclear if the Hart was killed, or if it merely escaped and survived - given the Hart's mystical nature, the latter seems more likely.

Trivia Edit

  • In the novelisation, the White Hart is instead portrayed as a white stallion, which takes off into the forest after being wounded.
  • The Hart could possibly be a reference to the original Snow White fairytale, in which the Huntsman, unable to bring himself to kill Snow White, instead kills a deer and brings her stepmother its heart (or in some versions, the liver and lungs) as 'proof' of Snow White's demise.
  • White stags often appear in folklore or myth from various cultures. In Celtic mythology, the white stag was a messenger of the 'Otherworld' (spirit realm or afterlife) with the colour white often being associated with the Otherworld by the Celts. In Arthurian legend, the appearance of a white stag could herald the beginning of a quest; it was also believed to near impossible to successfully capture such a creature.