I was ruined by a king like you once. I replaced his queen, an old woman. And in time, I too would have been replaced. Men use women, they ruin us and when they are finished with us they throw us to their dogs like scraps.
— Ravenna to Magnus

(You may be looking for the Unnamed king (The Huntsman: Winter's War)) Edit

The Unnamed king was a minor character in Snow White and the Huntsman, appearing in Ravenna's flashback to her childhood. Given Ravenna's age, he is likely deceased by the events of the film.

History Edit

Not much is known about this king, but given his actions, he was a cruel and tyrannical man, who raided the village where Ravenna and her family lived. The king had Ravenna and her siblings forcibly separated from their mother and its implied he had her killed, presumably also killing other villagers. Ravenna implies that the king, drawn to her great beauty - which Ravenna's mother had claimed was "all that could save you" - forced her to become his mistress in place of his wife, whom he had grown tired of. It's implied the king may have raped Ravenna, probably more than once. Ravenna claims the king would eventually have grown tired of her as he did of his wife and would've cast her aside. It is unknown what happened to the king, but it can be assumed he died at some point - Ravenna herself may even have killed him in retribution, though this is not known for certain. The king's treatment of Ravenna and her family triggered her hatred for men and her possibly her hatred towards the world and desire for power and vengeance.

Snow White and the Huntsmen Edit

Ravenna mentions this king to her new husband, King Magnus, on their wedding night, stating she was "ruined by a king like you" (though it is not clear how Magnus, who was shown to be a just and compassionate man, was supposed to resemble this king), shortly before she murdering him. Ravenna also reminiscences about the day the king attacked her village and tore her family apart, the memory visibly reducing the usually hardhearted Ravenna to tears.

Trivia Edit

  • Ravenna holds him responsible for "ruining" her, which, given his actions, seems to be at least partly true. However, it should be noted that in spite of the king's actions, Ravenna was ultimately responsible for own choices.
  • Ironically, Ravenna ends up being the equivalent of the king towards her stepdaughter, Snow White, in that she invades her home, murders her only family and separates her from her loved ones, then subjects her to years of isolation and fear by keeping her locked in the tower.