I have to admit that Snow White was pretty much fairer than most others, but I'd have probably recommended or better yet given her a different name like Gwyneira.

Cos Gwyneira means Snow White in the Welsh speech, so she wouldn't be called just Snow white daughter of Magnus. I mean if she was crowned queen then she'd take up the name Queen Gwyneira and all would remember the name for a long time last name.

Also there's the subject of Eric the huntsman's last name, they probably should use the surname Theron,  a Greek word which means hunter as he is a huntsman so it suits him well enough.

Kristen Stewart should have show a happy smile or something like she was most glad to be free.
I probably should recommend she goes back to Acting school and perfect her acting skills for almost a few months or a year and then get back on track and also I think she should cut down on smoking, cos I think spending time in her prostitute role in welcome to the rileys has given her a bad habit,or better yet replace Kristen Stewart with another actress like Yvonne Zima now she's a real actress worth seeing. So i'm just saying in retrospect.

Does anyone share the same opinions as I do?
Still it was a very good movie but it should have added more detail or better yet the Director should get out more often and listen to what the audience wants.

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