After seeing the few trailers out now, it's quite clear that there are going to be many new twists and differerences that will set this movie aside from the original fairytale and the Disney rendition of the story. I thought it would be fun to start a blog where we can kind of guess what will happen and make some creative speculations about the parts that the trailers haven't quite shed light on yet, or questions that the trailers have invoked.

This is just for fun, of course, there's no right or wrong (until the movie comes out, that is), it's just what you think or hope will happen. :D

Here are some questions I have right now, please add more if you think of any, and answer any of mine if you have any guesses!

1.) What happened to King Magnus? Do you think he's dead?

Personally, I thin Noah Huntley is only going to play King Magnus in a flashback, and Ravenna has already done away with the King so she can rule the land on her own.

In this scene:


You know the scene where she stabs someone on the bed? I think this might be when she kills the King, since the bed and room they are in looks rather fancy and royal, this is no ordinary servants' room or anything.

2.) If he's already dead, why would Ravenna bother to keep Snow White locked up in a tower?

Maybe she always knew that "the beauty within" Snow White is special and she would need it at some point? I'm not too sure what I think about this one, since she is so ruthless, it seems kind of odd she would keep her prisoner and not just kill her. If she knew that consuming her heart would grant her immortality before the events of this movie, she would have done it a long time ago.

3.) There are 8 dwarves in this film, and 7 in the original story, is this done on purpose so that one dwarf will have to die by the end of the film?

I'm thinking yes, one dwarf will die. :(

4.) Is the mirror really a man?

I think it is just a personification of a mirror.

5.) How does the mirror get back into the wall once it oozes out like that? :P

I thought it was kind of funny, I mean it looked really cool and dramatic, the way it leaked out like liquid mercury and reformed in the shape of a humanoid, but how does one get all that back in? Does the Queen have a servant that scoops it up in a bucket and throw it back in the wall, or does it/he climb back into the canvas?

6.) What is the white milky-looking thing the queen bathes in?


Some extreme skin-nourishing cream or something?

That all I've got for now, I realize there hasn't been much activity here lately, so hopefully this jumpstarts some discussions.

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